2020 was marked as being a year of constant unpredictability and uncertainty. It was also a year where the importance of education in society was thrown into stark relief. Particularly, the Early Years sector was able to raise its head above the parapet for all to see. I can’t recall a year when this sector was so widely discussed in our communities, by educators, the media, by policymakers and government. We, along with a number of Early Years alliances, have spoken out and will continue to do so.

Montessori Centre International’s mission

At the heart of the vocational work that those working in Early Years undertake is the drive to provide each child with quality education and care; a safe, enjoyable and nurturing environment so allowing each child to develop into the best person that they can be.

At Montessori Centre International (MCI), we have these same drivers and have done so for over 65 years. Our ambition is simple: to facilitate the development of and access to quality early years provision, everywhere. We’re recognised as a leading provider of quality Montessori training on an international scale; a responsibility we hold carefully as custodians, ready to pass on to the next generation. In essence, we are doing precisely what Dr Maria Montessori did by taking the philosophy, approach and training to where it’s needed, as far and wide as is possible and in an impactful way.

Forming meaningful partnerships

During 2020, we have had the privilege of talking with educators all over the world, sharing an ambition to find positive ways to collaborate for the benefit of our children.

We aim to reach as many people as possible and to open up more opportunities for them to work at or attend quality Montessori settings. To enable this, we’ve started an international programme to identify quality Montessori schools in regions outside of London and overseas, who are interested in becoming host centres for outstanding Montessori training for local communities. This will empower the host centres to develop a Montessori presence in their area, extending the opportunity for smaller early years settings to gain access to quality Montessori training, so spreading the Montessori approach further afield. We’ve had conversations and collaborations at government level too which are proving that quality Montessori can have reach at scale.

As an example, on 21st December 2020 we announced our partnership with Busy Bees. Busy Bees recognises the value of the Montessori approach and the positive impact it has on the development of young children. They also recognise that only Montessori Centre International can properly support their ambition of developing sustainable, quality Montessori settings and that aligning with our standards provides assurance to parents and carers of this quality. This partnership will increase the opportunities for more children to access a Montessori education, setting them up for the best start in life.

2021 has started, and while we can’t predict all that will happen, our ambition to improve access to quality early years education continues. We hope to announce a number of collaborations and initiatives in the coming months which demonstrate that Early Years and Montessori, in particular, has much to offer our society.

– Maccs Pascatore, CEO of Montessori Centre International