Congratulations to the winners of the first inaugural International Montessori Awards 2021! These awards celebrate excellence in education around the world, and each of our winners has undoubtedly proven their dedication to early years and primary education.


In addition to the awards for those who have shown devotion to teaching, supporting and promoting Montessori practice, there is a special award presented to a child who has shown passion and dedication for protecting the planet.


The winners were announced in a special virtual awards ceremony on Saturday 19th June 2021.


Setting of the Year: Nightingale 2 Montessori


This setting won the Setting of the Year award for the support and dedication they have shown in supporting their children, communities, and practitioners, providing a nurturing environment for not just their children, but also their trainee teachers and students on placement.


Support Staff of the Year: The Kitchen Crew, Vincerola Academy


The Kitchen Crew won this category because of the innovation and commitment they were able to show to sustainable practice, food education and an unwavering dedication to providing high-quality, regional and seasonal food every day of the year.


New Researcher of the Year: Japp de Brouwer and Pascale Rochefeuille


We have awarded both shortlisted candidates here because they are so different in scope, scale and approach. Both have an aim for strong collaboration in their work and the Guest Judge Panel felt that their findings and research activity would have a great impact and remain an inspiration to others in the sector.


Outstanding Contribution to Montessori in Practice: Dr Michael Dorer and Subarna Keshari Maharjan


Our Guest Judge Panel were truly impressed and inspired by the contribution and influence both individuals continued to have on the promotion of Montessori practice over many, many years. We are celebrating their tireless work providing high-quality Montessori education and care to so many children across the world.


Special award for Commitment to Sustainability Award: Lilly Platt


Our special award goes to Lilly, in recognition of the commitment and dedication she has shown to her Plastic Pick-Up project. This category aimed to provide a spotlight on someone’s passion for protecting the environment and all Guest Judges were certain Lilly’s would not only continue to support her own learning, but inspire others too.


Special recognition also goes to runners up, Reception class from Vincerola Academy.



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