You may have spotted, or heard about, our recent That’s Montessori campaign, which ran in October and November of this year. In line with our pledge to safeguard the future of the Montessori method in the UK, the campaign aimed to raise awareness of the Montessori approach, and own, reclaim and celebrate its relevance in the modern world.

As well as raising awareness, we also wanted to show how many people are already using elements of the approach without knowing.

To do this, we worked with amazing teachers, parents and children from Rushbrook Primary Academy in Gorton, Manchester and Willows Montessori Nursery in Gateshead, Newcastle to develop a video that highlighted how the Montessori approach has encouraged creativity, curiosity, independence, leadership and problem-solving skills in children at these settings. We also conducted a survey of over 1,000 parents and their 4-6-year-olds to see how many of them were using elements of the method already.

We had some really positive results from the campaign. Encouragingly, our survey showed that 95% of parents were using Montessori methods at home without realising, showing the sustained relevance of Maria Montessori’s philosophy and work, 150 years after her birth.

The video, which was primarily shared across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, was seen on around 494,000 social media feeds, and 82% of people who saw it, were people who hadn’t engaged with any of our social media channels before. This means they were more likely to be people outside of the Montessori community.

This also led to a 74% increase in traffic to the Montessori Centre International website, and an 84% increase in sign-ups to our Montessori Network. Overall, the campaign increased awareness of the approach outside of the Montessori community, hopefully helping to increase understanding of its importance, and contributing a small step in futureproofing the role of the approach moving forward.