Talking Montessori is a series of widely attended webinars hosted by the Montessori Group with the aim of uniting people across the global Montessori Community. The webinars feature a variety of guests from the Montessori and Early Years sectors in conversations around current topics.

While some webinars are more suitable for those working in Montessori education and the early years sector, others cover subject matter that is broader in appeal; for these we welcome parents, and anyone interested in the subject matter.


Upcoming webinars 


Thursday 24th September 2020 (7pm) – Talking Montessori: Diversity and Inclusion in Early Years Education

How can we as educators be committed, ensuring that our practice is inclusive? How can we hold space for difference? In this webinar James (he/ him) and D Ann (she/ her) will explore personal journeys as practitioners in Montessori education and care, and further discuss what diversity and inclusion in education means to them.

D. Ann Williams (she/her) is the co-founder of Queer Consultants, a company that provides professional development workshops and administrative audits for schools and businesses aiming to create LBGTQIA+ inclusive spaces. She currently serves on the Montessori for Social Justice Board of Directors, facilitates workshops on intersectionality and anti-oppression as part of Forging Unity, and was the Co-Founder/Former Director and guide at Zora Montessori, a preschool in Eugene, Oregon. D. Ann is also a freelance editor and authenticity reader for publishing companies and self-published authors.

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Thursday 1st October 2020 (7pm BST) – Talking Montessori: Finding Nourishment Within Diversity


What is peace education in the 21st century? How can we adults prepare ourselves in a way that is relevant to our world today? What do we mean by anti-bias, anti-racist education? What does Montessori mean now?

Join us as we talk with Zimbabwean born Montessori educator, Tatenda Blessing Muchiriri as we discuss the importance of modernising Montessori grace and courtesy work to include the important issues around diversity, participation and inclusion. We’ll talk about the need to train more teachers of colour and the nourishing benefits of diversifying our Montessori communities while developing a truly multicultural curriculum that advances modern needs for social justice and equality

Tatenda Blessing Muchiriri is a Montessori specialist qualified in the 0-3 and 3-6 years. Founder of the Montessori Lens group, Tatenda currently lives in the USA where he is collaborating on a programme to encourage greater participation of people of colour within the Montessori movement. He is also in the process of setting up a Montessori school for refugees, in collaboration with the Wildflower Network of schools.

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Thursday 8th October 2020 (7pm BST) – Talking Montessori: Promoting the Freedom of Child-led Play


What does child-initiated play look like in practice? How can we allow true freedom of choice in our settings? What does it mean to allow our children to truly express themselves through play? Are developmental milestones a help or hindrance to our core practice of child observation?

In this Talking Montessori webinar we’ll be talking with Early Years specialist Jessica Tilley about how to overcome the barriers to child-led, free flow play in our settings. We’ll be challenging the legitimacy of universal developmental milestones, that can sometimes be detrimental to growth, discussing the ever-pressing need to observe without biases and facilitate learning opportunities that stem from the unique point of view, of the unique child.

Jessica Tilley is a PGCSE teacher with Early Years specialism, currently acting as Early Years lead and reception class teacher in her setting.

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Thursday 15th October 2020 (7pm BST) Talking Montessori: Collaborating With Parents for Childhood Freedom

After a year of lockdowns and prolonged social distancing, it is important for us as educators, now more than ever, to develop healthy, strong and collaborative relationships with parents and carers.
What would it mean for the child and their families if we entered into mutual partnership with parents and carers rather than a top-down approach? How can we share core principles of child independence, curiosity and self-leadership in a way that inspires trust in the child to grow, learn and develop at a pace that is right for them? How can we establish a strong foundation of cooperation and care to support the social and emotional well-being of the child and their families in enjoying greater freedom and autonomy in the lives they lead?
In this webinar we’ll be catching up with Laura and Karen from Playhood to hear about their innovative approach to working alongside parents to guide the child in their learning and development.
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Thursday 22nd October 2020 (7pm BST) Talking Montessori: How to Start Your Own Montessori

‘What are the first steps I can take to start up my own Montessori? What are the challenges and the pitfalls? Do I need to have business experience or Montessori qualifications under my belt before I begin?’
Join us as we talk with Rosita Niknafs Foster and Sorour Malaekeh of Casa Montessori, Edinburgh, as they share their experiences of starting up their own Montessori. In doing so, we’ll try and answer some of the commonly asked questions, before you embark on the transformational journey of starting up your own Montessori….

Thursday 29th October 2020 (7pm GMT) Talking Montessori with Catherine McTamaney

The content of our discussion is TBC. However, this is a very exciting and as Catherine is such a well respected and inspiring speaker, we put this here so you can put this date in the diary ahead of time. Not to be missed…….

Catherine McTamaney is Associate Professor of the Practice and Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Teaching and Learning at Vanderbilt Peabody College. In addition to her teaching at Vanderbilt, she is the author of two books on Montessori education and compassionate teaching, The Tao of Montessori and A Delicate Task. She is also a member of our Montessori International Magazine Editorial Board. Dr. McTamaney is a noted Montessori lecturer across the US and abroad and we are delighted she is joining us.

Thursday 5th November 2020 (12pm GMT) Talking Montessori with Nursery World, The X-factor: What makes a nursery thrive?

There is always a need for high-quality early education, and even as some settings close their doors, others are opening. What are the opportunities and challenges in today’s climate, and crucially, what are the elements that help a nursery to be successful against the odds? This webinar, taking place as a panel discussion, will offer attendees the chance to learn from the expertise of settings that are thriving during difficult times.

This webinar will act as a natural follow up to our earlier webinar on Thursday 22nd October, How to Start Your Own Montessori.

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