Thursday 21st January 2020 (7pm GMT) – Talking Montessori: Birth to Five Matters

Where is the Early Years Coalition up to in their response to the government reforms of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in England? What has this coalition done so far? What is next and how can you have your say?

Join us for this very special addition of Talking Montessori, where we’ll be hosting a panel discussion for members of the Early Years Coalition to respond to the feedback they’ve received so far and offer an opportunity for further discussion. This webinar will encourage participants to share their views in what we hope to be an inspiring and engaging conversation between those in the Early Years sector towards the final preparations of the Birth to Five Matters framework.

Register here so that you can be first to hear the feedback from the previous consultation and share your ideas as to what we can do next. 

About Birth to Five Matters:
Birth to 5 Matters is new non-statutory guidance being developed by the sector for the sector, in response to the government’s reforms to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in England. This work is being led by a coalition of early years sector bodies.

It is the coalition’s intention that Birth to 5 Matters will take the best of previous guidance and update and extend it in line with what practitioners tell us they want and need.

The Early Years Coalition
The Early Years Coalition is a group of sector bodies which came together in 2018 when the government announced its intention to review the Early Learning Goals. This became a wider reform of the EYFS Statutory Framework and non-statutory guidance. Concerns about the process and objectives led all the main bodies representing the early years sector to come together to offer support and advice to ministers and officials, and act as a voice for the sector.

Thursday 28th January 2020 (6pm GMT) – Talking Montessori: The Unique Child

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What are the qualities of the child in the first plane of development, age 0-6? How can we best support the uniqueness of the child as they explore their environment in both the unconscious absorbent mind stage (0-3) and the conscious absorbent mind stage (3-6)? What are some methods of observation we can use to enhance our practice and allow us to better understand the child as they move through sensitive periods in their development?  How can knowledge and understanding of contemporary childhood theory and practices inform our work as educators?

Join James Crawley in conversation with Sonia Quinn as we discuss the Montessori approach to understanding the unique child in the first 6 years of life.

Register here to develop our understanding of the unique child and to critically examine our practice as educators. 

Sonia Quinn is a Montessori guide with an experience of 27 years exploring Montessori method with children. Specialising in care for toddlers, Sonia is currently training as an Elementary guide, extending her knowledge of the unique child from age 6-12.

Thursday 4th February 2020 (6pm GMT) – Talking Montessori: The Montessori High School

Book: From childhood to adolescence - Maria Montessori | Sustainable Educational Products & Toys

What does the Montessori High School look like (also referred to as the adolescent programme)? How do we support teenagers to find their ‘noble work’ as they mature into young adults? What is the Montessori concept of valorisation?

Join James Crawley in conversation with Emma Rattigan and some of the high school students of Edinburgh Montessori Arts School as we discuss what life is like in a Montessori High School and some of the work and projects that take place there.

Register here to hear all about the Montessori High School and learn how this works from the voice of the students themselves. 

Emma Rattigan is the Principal and Founder of Edinburgh Montessori Arts School, which she opened in 2006. Her colleagues describe her as a ‘big picture’ thinker and Emma enjoys using this skill to envision ways in which the school will grow and develop. Working across the school, Emma is regularly in the classrooms. She is currently guiding and mentoring the development of the recently launched Teens Hub (12-15) program.

Thursday 11th February 2020 (3:15pm GMT) – Talking Montessori: Implementing Aspects of Sustainability in Early Childhood Education


Why is it important for young children to engage with sustainability? How we can we incorporate aspects of sustainability in our educational settings? What are some practical projects we can facilitate with young children so that they understand sustainability and the need to care for the planet we live on?

Join James Crawley in conversation with Marvin Jose Reyes Moreno as they talk about some of the current projects and ideas Marvin is facilitating in his setting, to engage children in aspects of sustainability. He’ll also share about the ‘trash detectives’ initiative that recently won a national award in Germany by the Fraunhofer institute.

Register here to part of this discussion and to find out what projects you can use in your setting!

Marvin José Reyes Moreno is an andragogical trainer and lecturer for the Vincerola academy in Cologne Germany. He holds a BA in early childhood education.
Marvin is an International Montessori Educator as well as Sustainable Development Educator and currently the leader at Vincerola International Day Nursery and Preschool in Cologne Mülheim.
Marvin regularly does educational and environmental speeches and workshops for a variety of international institutions


Thursday 18th February 2020 (6pm GMT) – Talking Montessori: Nature Based Learning


Why is it important to extend our learning beyond the classroom and into the outdoors? What is forest school and how can we as educators engage with this movement to complement our core educational principles? How do we encourage children to care for nature? What can the child gain from first hand experiences of visiting farms, lakes, woodlands, beaches or allotments?

Join James Crawley in conversation with a panel of educationalists who are committed to engaging more children with nature based learning and outdoor education.

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