Talking Montessori – webinars for practitioners and parents 

Talking Montessori is a series of widely attended webinars hosted by the Montessori Group with the aim of uniting people across the global Montessori Community. The webinars take place three times a week, featuring our Global Ambassador, Barbara Isaacs, in conversation with various representatives from the Montessori and Early Years sector.

While some webinars are more suitable for those working in Montessori education and the early years sector, others cover subject matter that is broader in appeal; for these we welcome parents, and anyone interested in the subject matter.


How to attend

The webinars are conducted via Zoom, the links to meetings can be found below.

If you are unable to attend the webinar, don’t worry. Most of our webinars are also published to the Montessori Centre International Facebook page, or linked at the bottom of this page for you to view at your convenience.


Upcoming webinars

Monday 1 June, 4pm BST  –  First day back at school – an update from the ground

As it currently stands, children in England will have had their first day back in their settings on Monday 1 June. Kaley Hayes is COO of Village Global Foundation and based at Henley Village Montessori since it opened its doors in September 2016. Kaley will share with us how her setting prepared for their re-opening and will how their first day back went. We would love to hear your experiences too!

Suitable for Montessori students and practitioners


Wednesday 3 June, 4pm BST  –  Normalisation with Andy Lulka

What is normalisation? When are you normalised? How do external events affect normalisation? Montessori’s discussion of ‘normalisation’ in The Absorbent Mind involves a chart of normal and deviated character traits in children (2007:186); Standing includes a list of the characteristics of the normalised child (1998:175). But is normalisation behaviour?

Andy Lulka is a Montessori advocate and believes that normalisation is the most misunderstood area of the Montessori philosophy. She sees normalisation as a social process, a goal we are working towards. Particularly in these challenging and exceptional times, how might we understand normalisation?

Suitable for Montessori students and practitioners


Friday 5 June, 7pm BST  –  Social and Emotional Literacy for children, with Leslee Udwin

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” Aristotle

Maths, reading and writing feature highly on schools’ and even early years settings’ curricula. And yet little significant time is dedicated to experiential social and emotional learning for children aged 3-6. Leslee Udwin, founder of Think Equal, believes that the earlier we start the process of introducing social and emotional learning to children, the greater the effect in terms of increasing pro-social behaviours and attitudes and Think Equal has designed and created a concrete step by step Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Programme.

The value of supporting children’s social and emotional development is even clearer and more poignant now and Barbara and Leslee will explore how we can work with our children to ensure their social and emotional wellbeing is safeguarded.

Suitable for parents, Montessori students and practitioners


Dates, times and speakers for upcoming webinars are updated on Friday each week.

For any queries regarding Talking Montessori please email wendelien.bellinger@montessori.org.uk.


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