The Montessori environment is warm and inviting. Grace and courtesy is taken to ensure the cleanliness and beauty of the environment, with plants, flowers and natural light pouring in through large windows. We create attractive environments out of both respect for the child and a wish to entice them with materials that will enhance their potential to grow, learn and develop. Materials and well constructed activities are essential to the Montessori environment. Natural materials made from wood, beautiful china and glass sets offering real life experiences and small decorative boxes filled with hidden treasures for exploration are all part of the favourable environment.

The materials and activities offer the child an opportunity for independent discovery and consolidation of newly learnt concepts. Montessori environments build capacity in children to explore and discover based on their own curiosity for learning. By having materials out on shelves, children makes choices, which increases their concentration, agency and self-leadership. A child’s actions have meaning, the materials are tools for them to refine their skills and knowledge.

Well-constructed activities with clear direct and indirect objectives offer the child valuable feedback about the world they inhabit and scaffolds them to new areas of learning. We are excited to share this upcoming ‘Make With Us Some Materials’ webinar to explore the importance of materials further, while constructing some during our time together. We look forward to having you with us!

Thursday 22nd April, 2021 07:15 PM

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by James Crawley