Attending nursery is part of a special childhood transition period; it is a child’s first experience of a formal educational setting and often the first time apart from important adults.

As an environment focused on learning, it’s a place to play, explore, grow, socialise and develop. The nursery setting and the people in it become integral parts of a child’s life, helping to establish foundational learning which the child carries with them into later learning.

Choosing a Montessori nursery that feels right for you and your child can feel full of uncertainty and questions. The number of nurseries varying in location, size, hours and cost can feel overwhelming.

Based on contributions from Montessori Network members, this panel-based discussion will explore the diverse criteria used by parents to choose a nursery as well as insight from early years professionals.

We will be joined by our panel guests:

Aimee Kimbell, Principal of Riverside Nursery Schools
Hennie Bragginton, Head Teacher, Paint Pots Montessori Schools
Shamyka Douglas, Director of Wetherby House Montessori

Preeti Patel, Head of Education, Montessori Centre International

who will share their experiences of the key considerations, to help anyone going through the process of selecting a Montessori nursery for their child.

Tuesday 27th March 6:30pm (BST)

To join the webinar, please use the registration link here