How can Montessori theory and practice be applied to support children who have been absent from educational settings because of lockdown? With increased focus on “catching up” how can we support children in their development without applying external pressures to perform? How can we support speech, language and communication to develop at a pace that is right for the child? With research also shining a light on the wellbeing benefits of increased outdoor experiences, should we be encouraging educational settings to adopt a more outdoor, play based approach as we reconsider what settings can look like in our post-pandemic society?

According to research by Education Endowment Foundation, 96% of Primary schools surveyed said they were concerned about pupils’ speech-and-language development, with a further 76% saying pupils needed greater support with communication than in previous years. Meanwhile the British Children’s Play Survey, and a growing body of researchers, have published evidence to show that greater outdoor play and adventure benefits the holistic development of the child.

Join us for Talking Montessori: Countering the Catch-Up Agenda, where we will speak about the challenges of expecting children to “catch up”, exploring the recent research, and offering a vision for how educational settings can truly support the health and wellbeing of the developing child.

Thursday 17th June, 6pm BST

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