On 4th August this year, there was an enormous explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, devastating the lives of thousands. The damage from the blast affected over half of Beirut. People lost their livelihoods, their homes and some lost their lives.

The explosion also impacted the education and care of young children. A Montessori school called Lemonts Nursery, located in the port area of Beirut is run by, Dalia, a graduate from Montessori Centre International, alongside three staff members, currently training with MCI. The explosion caused a huge amount of damage to the school building – fortunately, no one was inside at the time. It left the building unusable for teaching. However, through the hard work and dedication of the team, the school has now reopened for the children.

Dalia now wants to help the children from the wider community who were affected by the explosion. Dalia supports a local charity Dar Al Amal, which is providing emergency support to vulnerable children. The charity has shared the story of a 16-year-old girl who was badly injured in the explosions. She is in dire need of support with her medical fees. Tutors from Montessori Centre International are walking 25km in London to raise money for this 16-year-old girl and Dar Al Amal.

As a supportive network and community, the Montessori Group wants to help where it can. We have agreed to match the total donations, doubling the final amount. We encourage you to support this important cause by donating to this Just Giving page. Any and all donations are welcome.

Update: A big thank you to everyone who donated to Montessori Centre International’s fundraising for the medical bills of Zeniab, the victim of the Beirut explosion. Due to your generous donations, doubled by Montessori St. Nicholas, Zeniab has been able to have the operations she needs! The funding also was able to provide another child affected by the explosion with a tablet which enabled her to follow her school’s online teaching.