As the current academic year comes to a close for many children, they look towards September and their first day at school.

With current research studies and government plans exploring the impact of the pandemic of children’s holistic development and learning, the idea of ‘school readiness’ is at the forefront for those caring for school-aged children.


What is ‘school readiness’?

The term ‘school readiness’ is broadly used to describe a span of fundamental skills and knowledge that support children through the transition to school and throughout their learning journey. The specifics of what ‘school readiness’ really means is objective, culturally sensitive and open for debate.

Whilst some perceive ‘school readiness’ as academic skills such as a child’s knowledge of the alphabet, reciting of numbers and writing their name, others focus on social emotional skills such as being confident in separating from their primary carer, independent in their work and autonomous in some self-care tasks.


‘School readiness’ Survey 2021

As children are unique and develop at an individual pace, the meaning of ‘school readiness’ could vary between child. Skills that may prepare one child for the transition to school may be different to those of their friends.

To understand what ‘school readiness’ means and how we can support children during this transition, we have created a survey to gain an insight into current perceptions and opinions on ‘school readiness’.

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‘School readiness’ Montessori Network newsletter series

To extend the discussion further we will be exploring ‘school readiness’ themes, highlighted by the survey, through a series of Montessori Network articles.

Drawing on current research, diverse voices of the public and perceptions from a Montessori perspective, the ‘What is school readiness?’ series hopes to offer suggestions for what ‘school readiness’ means and how we can prepare children for their learning journey ahead.

Monday 5th July 2021 – Monday 26th July 2021

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