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Montessori and Peace

When you, as an adult, an educator, a parent or a global citizen look around and see trouble, injustice, anger and violence on a global scale, what do you think you can do? To feel like you can make any sort of a difference at all can be difficult. Feeling helpless to have any effect on major global issues can be seen to be normal – but we must remember that change does not just ‘happen’ – all change starts with one person.

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Can you imagine a world without water?

Children love working with water. Whether it’s making bubbles, pouring through a funnel or scrubbing a chair it always captivates and engages. Activities with water in the environment are not only popular with the children, they provide stimulating and enriching opportunities for them to learn about a multitude of things.

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Five Minute Ideas – In the Kitchen

The thought of setting up a new activity can be daunting, especially if it is quicker and easier to find the tablet or switch on the TV for a few minutes respite with small children at home. However, once you get into the swing of preparing and setting up simple activities from what you already own, you’ll see the benefit and enjoy watching your children develop skills from hands-on Montessori activities.

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Playing with Light and Shadows

Light and shadows are all around us but we rarely pay a great deal of attention to them.
Light, whether natural or artificial affects the pattern of our daily lives and influences our moods and emotions and we depend on light for all of the food that we eat as it provides the energy source for photosynthesis.

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Maths in the Great Outdoors

One of the central principles of the Montessori philosophy is the connection with the natural world. Children develop a curiosity about and a love for nature through having the daily opportunity to experience the outdoors with structure and purpose. To support the learning and development of children effortlessly, we only need to look to see the opportunities the outdoors provides.

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What to look for when thinking about Montessori education for your child

Many factors influence your choice of school; location, reputation, fees and so on. However, it is wise to remember that it is not you, but your children that will be attending the setting. Here are a few things to consider and to the signs to look out for when choosing a Montessori school for your child.

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From field to fork – helping children connect food with the world around them

In an age where convenience food is king, it can be easy to forget how the food we eat connects with the world around us. Helping children develop an early understanding of the journey from ‘field to fork’ allows them to learn how the food on their plate can impact not only on their own wellbeing, but the wellbeing of the natural world and wildlife.

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Ones for the bookshelf: A Montessori reading list

The Montessori approach has been well documented in papers and writings by Maria Montessori since she started her phenomenal work over a century ago. Discover our reading list suggestions for understanding and learning more about Montessori.

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