Montessori believed that, in nature, children reveal their strength; research suggests that our mental and physical health is lifted by spending time outside. Montessori always advocated that the outdoor and indoor environments should be seamlessly interconnected, and believed that the best way to engage children was by immersing them in nature where they could have real, concrete experiences.

Despite the social isolation we are facing, we (here in the UK), can still go outside. At a time where we are suddenly faced with significant challenges impacting the routine and order of our daily lives, embracing the outdoors seems the perfect way to nurture our children’s and our own well-being.

Our new free online course, Montessori Outdoors is a great starting point for anyone who wants to explore the outside world with children of any age. The course introduces Montessori’s ideas on nature in education, and will help guide you to making little changes to your everyday activities. Our expert tutors outline activities for small spaces, from balconies or windows, with few or no resources.

Can you go on a bug hunt in the garden or park, or spot birds from a window? Try to identify what you find – you can always take a photo, and then look it up with your child later on. What about making a window picture, using coloured paper, scissors and blue-tac – do different shapes create different shadows on walls or the floor?

The course looks at basic Montessori principles to consider, freedoms within limits, and going outdoors in all weathers. All our online learning courses also feature a discussion section; take a look at what others around the world are doing, and suggest some of your own ideas!

Register at, and start your Montessori Outdoors learning today! Take a look at the other free courses we have available to further your Montessori knowledge, such as Montessori at Home and Education for Peace.