The week following the long Easter break focuses on mother’s mental health, new ‘behaviour hubs’, and although more people are looking to switch professions into teaching, The Guardian reports that one in three UK teachers plan to quit the classroom within five years.


One in three UK teachers plan to quit


As reported by The Guardian, research from the National Education Union revealed that one in three UK teachers plan to quit the classroom within five years due to increased workload and diminishing respect for the profession. Among those who said they intended to leave education, the most common reason given was that the profession was not valued or trusted by government or media (53%).


The early years sector has felt a lack of respect and value for a long time, often missing from wider conversations about education, particularly in the drive to build back better from the pandemic. A long-term solution to give the early years workforce the respect it deserves, is to professionalise the sector. We recognise that well-respected professions, like nurses and teachers, require investment in individual training and a standardisation of quality – the early years should be no different.


The International Montessori Institute will play a key role in establishing early years as a valued profession and bringing the Montessori pedagogy into mainstream education. The new £50,000 scholarship programme, funded by The Montessori Group, aims to help anyone, from any walk of life, become a Montessori educator and go on to ensure they’re giving children the best start and the tools they need for lifelong learning.


Mental health ‘hubs’ for pregnant women and new mums


26 dedicated mental health ‘hubs’ for new, expectant and bereaved mothers are being set up across England as part of the NHS Long Term Plan to increase access to psychological support for women. Dr Giles Berrisford, NHS England’s national speciality advisor for perinatal mental health, said, “We know around one in four women experiences mental health problems in pregnancy and during the 24 months after giving birth.”


NHS England’s national mental health director, Claire Murdoch, says “I would encourage any mum who needs this support to come forward safe in the knowledge her mental health and well-being are of paramount importance and she should not feel ashamed of accessing the help she needs.” Nursery World reports that ten of these hubs are planned to be up and running within months, in areas such as Birmingham & Solihull, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and Devon.


Gavin William launches Behaviour Hubs programme 


This week Gavin Williamson shared the government’s plans to launch a Behaviour Hub programme. In The Telegraph, he talks about plans to ban the use of mobile phones in schools as part of a crackdown on ‘bad behaviour’ which he attributes to a lack of regular structure and discipline during lockdown. Williamson has said he wants to take “firm action” when faced with bad behaviour and has listed good discipline as one of his key priorities.