To Montessorians worldwide!


In celebration of her 150th birthday, we are launching a competition to gift this oil painting of Dr. Maria Montessori to a Montessori setting in our global community. To participate, we invite your setting to write a birthday card to Dr. Maria Montessori expressing gratitude, explaining what Montessori means to you. Montessori Group CEO, Leonor Stjepic, will hand pick a winning card to receive the prized oil painting.

Entry criteria:

  • Please write your card and post a photograph of it to one of our social media platforms (you do not need to send the physical card).
  • All Montessori settings in the world are eligible (please let us know the name and location of your setting upon submission).
  • Entry deadline is 11th September, so please submit before this date to enter!
  • Winner announced on the 14th September by Montessori Group CEO, Leonor Stjepic.


We look forward to receiving your entries and sharing in your heartfelt gratitude for the woman who has changed many lives globally with her revolutionary approach to education.


To Dr. Maria Montessori, we wish you a happy 150th birthday. We thank you for this educational method that has already changed so many lives. We look forward to sharing another 150 years of Montessori education, reaching more children within our world.


‘They [children] have a keen feeling towards injustice…We must help them to develop within themselves that which will make them capable of understanding. It is not merely words, it is a labour of education. This will be a preparation for peace – for peace cannot exist without justice…’ (Montessori, 1939, p.10, p.16)

Montessori, M. (1939) The Four Planes of Development, lecture at 1938 Montessori Congress in Edinburgh. Amsterdam: Association Montessori Internationale.

[Source from Montistory.]