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Tips for parents in lockdown

These are strange times – strange at least for adults that is. But how strange is it for children? The younger the child, the fewer touchstones they have available to grasp just how long-term and…

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All children want for Christmas is you

This year has been very difficult for many. It has put a strain on relationships, family, health, work life, children’s education and for some, their finances. Christmas is an expensive time of year already, with…

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Understanding Public Attitudes to the Early Years – our response to the report

The Duchess’s report, published on 27th November, is welcomed by the Montessori Group. Early years education is often cast aside and deemed less important than the education of older children, despite there being clear evidence that these are vital years in children’s development. We hope this will raise public interest and understanding of the importance of early years.

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Continuing children’s development in lockdown

  With a second lockdown well underway in England, we know parents and practitioners may be concerned about how this will impact young children’s development. While schools and nurseries are remaining open throughout this period,…

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Thats Montessori

Nurturing independence, creativity, curiosity, problem-solving, and leadership – #ThatsMontessori

We often hear that Montessori methods aren’t for all but that’s not the case. Accessible, fun, practical, and rooted in science – that’s Montessori.

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Statement on the new non-statutory guidance for the EYFS

The Early Years Sector Coalition of 13 organisations representing the diverse early years sector is disappointed with the new non-statutory curriculum guidance, Development Matters (DfE, 2020).  In our view, the new document presents a prescriptive, simplistic, limited curriculum and pedagogy, and does not reflect and respect practitioner expertise and excellent practice in the sector.

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What parents need to know about the proposed EYFS reforms

While baseline testing has been postponed until 2021, next September, tests will measure your child’s capability in the first few weeks of school, when they are as young as three. Our recent research shows that 78% of parents think the pressures of the current education system, including testing from a young age, can have a negative impact on children.

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What is Montessori?

What is Montessori? How is the Montessori method different? What does ‘following the child’ actually mean? What makes it relevant around the world, and applicable to every child? Our new, free, online short course, ‘What is Montessori?’, answers these questions, giving an introduction into Maria Montessori and her approac

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